Weekend Coffee Share

A Cup of Coffee and a Conversation

Welcome to 2020! This is the first year roll over that I have not had the “scratch outs”. Where you write the date with the wrong year and have to scratch it out to put in the new one! Usually this happens to me on checks and my notebooks but not so far this year!

Let’s have some strong black coffee but I want to experiment with the Butter Beer recipe that I like at my local cafe. I bought the ingredients before you got here for our chat so we can try that if you are game!

If we were having coffee I would tell you I am SUPER excited for the new year. It is the year of the STAR for me which is abundance and optimism. There are big things planned for this year and one of those big things is happening next month! Stay tuned if you are a teacher!

Please read this post through the link at Medium!

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