Energy Challenge Day 13

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Welcome to Day 13

Welcome back to Monday! There is a dusting of snow outside and that makes me smile. I love the winter season.

Are you in school all this week? We attend until Friday and then have 2 weeks off. It is a full schedule and we are traveling as a family the 2 days after Christmas.

Tomorrow is our last day of the challenge and I am so glad you all joined me for this experience. It was lovely to reflect on energy of my students at this always crazy time of the year. We had a full moon Wednesday so that always throws off people in my experience. It was more at home for me than at school this week!

I have been thinking of new ideas to connect educators for 2020. Interactive classes with PGP points, a podcast and longer trainings for intentional teaching. It is an exciting time.

Planning and writing fuel me. I have been in a short writing class and was able to get some feedback. This was extremely motivating for me. The suggestions were just what I needed too.

Today I want you to reflect on your student’s energy –

What is something that fueled your students’ learning today?
What is something that drained your students in the classroom?
What did you learn about your students?

Here is a quote to think about today:

Image result for quotes for renewal

Until tomorrow! Please share your responses either by commenting or your own blog! If you share on your blog please tag me so I see it.

I send you moments of silence and warm beverages!!


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