Day 7 Energy Challenge

Welcome to Day 7

Welcome to Llama Tuesday! This is a silly tradition I started last year. I am drawn to llamas which makes no sense – it is just pure fun. There are two toy llamas looking at me from the bookshelf this morning too!

What is something that delights you?

Yesterday I taught a 2 hour workshop in the morning that I can only describe as magical. The teachers were amazing and shared. There was a lot of learning packed into those 2 hours. I wish I would have videotaped it.

The workshop topic was EL education protocols and CREW which are fundamental pieces to increase student talk in the classroom. We participated in over 6 protocols during the workshop duration but was calm and fun not pressed for time.

Here is a quote for today to think about:

Q & A Collections: Teaching Social Studies -- all my Ed Week posts from the past three years on teaching social studies -- all in one place!

Today I want you to reflect on your energy –

What is something that fueled your students’ learning today?
What is something that drained your students in the classroom?
What did you learn about your students?

Until tomorrow!
I send you warmth and laughter!


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