Consider This

I delight in the breakfast that is made for me with love including rye toast, sausage links, and perfectly over easy eggs.

A writing friend tells me about a Goldberg book I don’t know and the rush is immediate as I read the description of it being Zen and the little sister of Bones. I wonder why I also name the friend with writing as a label. Do I believe it matters?

The pottery mug used every morning for coffee is a comfort and a pattern.

Podcasts in my ears as drive make the hum of the tires go away for more energizing thoughts.

I drive past the old water park now overgrown and abandoned with a for sale sign on the corner. And as creepy as it looks like a horror movie set I remember the joyous times we had there when it was Enchanted Forest. A tiny theme park with the Mousetrap roller coaster, boats, the octopus ride I almost fell out, Skeeball, and the ski lift umbrellas.

The tall brown grass grows between the curves of the snake water slide hiding the phantom laughter.

The man-made lake in the tiny Town was my introduction to the workforce when I was 17 years old. Many rainy days I spent playing Dodge pong more than Ping. I had thigh welts to prove it.

A look alike Santa’s open sleigh on wheels chugs past me with a huge billowy White cloud like Santa’s beard behind it.

I wake up at 6:30 from a dream I don’t remember and I don’t go back to sleep.

A 4 mile run in the cold drizzle.

The blankets move and cold air seeps in between our bodies and I shudder.

The coffee pot gurgles alerting completion of process.

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