The New Thanksgiving

My life has changed and therefore so has my holiday traditions.

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My Thanksgiving used to be traditional. It used to be like everyone else’s holiday.

I used to get up and cook. My onions and celery would be softened with butter and mixed with sage and various breads for the stuffing. It went into a fresh bird that had been ordered weeks before. I prepared for at least 30 people for dinner. The multiple tables would be set with cloth tablecloths and loads of themed tablescapes. There were mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes I would make fresh. People typically brought pies. That I would allow someone else to control.

I refused to allow paper products. The china came out from the cabinet. I insisted on real plates for dinner. It is the holiday. It is special. Wine glasses were used for the bottles that would be passed around the house adding to the merriment and chatter.

This year is different. We had dinner on the Wednesday before with just immediate family plus a girlfriend. Cooking started on Tuesday. The dishes are different now. Corn bake, holiday recipe mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole were made Tuesday. I still got up Wednesday and made the turkey but it was purchased from the grocery store, not the butcher. Crescent rolls were made right before we sat down at the table in the kitchen and we ate on paper plates. The glasses were red plastic cups so the dishes are less.

I used to love the cooking and the celebration. I used to love hosting for so many people but life is different now. There were two candles in the center with a ceramic decoration.

There was one glass of wine this year.

Thanksgiving is still my favorite holiday.

I used to get the turkey in the oven and then go run a 5K race. Not anymore. I used to have to cook alone. It was a metal of honor that my turkey was picked apart and devoured every year. These are past routines.

The tradition is different now. Today I am writing. I will watch the football game and then go to the Dunes for a hike. It will be quiet. I am grateful for my life and my immediate family. I am thankful for a roof over my head and all the food around the table. I am thankful for work and my paycheck and all the abundance that is in my life.

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