#FMF Settle

The word settle is a bit of a trigger for me. I do not like the idea. It means defeat in my bubble. Settling means changing your expectations and standards.

The question that comes to mind is one of change. If you change you mind of what you want is it settling? I am not sure. I suppose it depends on the circumstance.

There are situations out of my control. I am not sure I consider it settling if I have no choice.

I have settled with my pay at work for too long and plan to change it. I have exhausted all the ways I know how. I researched and took action but it got me no where. I will have to step out of what I am comfortable with again for something new.

I fall into the game of comparison. I try not to, but it creeps in. I think I feel I don’t settle even when I do because I change the mindset and reframe to fit what I can live with. I am not sure if I consider this a lie I tell myself or something else. Compromise maybe, but I believe that is the same as settling for something I don’t really want.

I will keep thinking about it.

You can read this on Medium and support me at this link: https://medium.com/@tammybreitweiser/fmf-settle-9e9392c9820d

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