#SOL Word, Phrase, Sentence

I often use the SENTENCE-PHRASE-WORD (Making Thinking Visible) technique.

It is a discussion group tool to review text and then select:

• Sentence that was meaningful to you, that you felt captures the core idea of the text.

• Phrase that moved, engaged, or provoked you.

• Word that captured your attention or struck you as powerful.

As a group, discuss and record your choices. Begin by sharing your words, then phrases, then sentences.

Explain why you made the selections you did.

What do you notice?

Today is an e-learning day for students and a professional development day for teachers. I am teaching 2 sessions today on EL Education. My participants will use this protocol with an article in the morning.

Here are a couple examples of what people marked:

“Education is not preparation for life:education is life itself.” X2

“They crave collaboration with their peers and engagement in their learning through play, story and games.”

Phrase — “All block” — I just loved what it encompasses.

Word — “Structured” and “equity”

As you read today, think of what word, phrase, and sentence pop out for you.

Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile on Pexels.com

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