Just Breathe #SOL

Yesterday I spent time on a video call with some of my creative companions. We were discussing how we can get overwhelmed by fear. One of the other people said we just have to remember to not look at the big picture all the time and we just need to focus on the next right thing. It reminded me Emily P. Freeman’s book and podcast of the same name.

Yesterday was a frustrating day of work. It was the day of unhappy morning meetings, lost orders, wrong orders, and classroom visits being cancelled. It was one of those days where you wonder why you got into your profession. It’s the day you fantasize about a job where you don’t have to think. I know I wouldn’t be satisfied with a job like that, but my mind went there.

Yesterday I had to assist with a standardized test given to a young third grade class. A group that had never seen scan-tron and didn’t understand the importance of filling in a bubble.

Words came back to me from my years of giving ISTEP+: Fill in the circle completely and make your mark dark. If you need to change an answer, erase your mark completely and make your new mark .

In between each of these 10-minute tests I led them in a breathing exercise as a brain drainer. I had them inhale, fill their lungs and hold the breath. Then we exhaled without any sound. We did three rounds and were all calmer. I’m a yoga teacher and I used to say many times “I need my own yoga today” at the beginning of class.

Yesterday was a day I needed my own breathing exercise. It took a group of young third graders help me along the way. It was the next right thing I needed to do to heal myself.

aerial photo of pine trees

What do you need to heal today?

8 thoughts on “Just Breathe #SOL

  1. In…and out…

    Yes, that’s good. I’ve lost count of how many times today I’ve had to stop and do that.

    Stepping away from the big picture… sometimes I’m not sure if it’s the big picture or the little details that are my bane these days. It seems I can’t win either way.

    So I will breathe.

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  2. It is beyond coincidence that I stumble into your post today. Thank you for sharing, as I will try to remember some breathing today and in the next few days to come. In addition, my Bible app suggested a reading plan based in Max Lucado’s book Anxious for Nothing. Today, it instructs to overcome anxiety and worry through celebrating God’s goodness. Breathing and celebrating…so simple and, yet, seems so impossible sometimes.
    Stay the course, you are where you need to be.

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  3. Timely post, indeed. I *just* finished listening to a podcast – Third Space with Jen Cort – where they had a great discussion about self-care and what that looks like for teachers and coaches. Am really dealing with this right now. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I also need to breathe deeply and learn to enjoy the moment instead of being driven to the next accomplishment. I just resigned from a job I’ve only had for 9 months and thought was “perfect” for me when I started. Time to reflect, breathe deeply and regroup is what I need, exactly…and I’ve been considering yoga, as well! Thanks for the inspiration.

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  5. Tammy, this is a great post. I love what you did with those kids to decompress a bit 🙂 How sweet!

    Fear can be very overwhelming. You are so right – sometimes the big picture is TOO much information to handle. At times, one small step of faith – then another – then another – is all we need. We find that when we look back, we’ve come much farther than we first realized 😉

    You’re a blessing. Keep up the beautiful posts! ♥

    All My Best,
    Holly 🌺

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