100 Days Left

There are 100 days left in 2019.

Doesn’t that seem crazy to think about?

On this first day of fall I am reflecting on what I should do with such a gift of time.

It used to be my son’s favorite number too!

Read it here.

3 thoughts on “100 Days Left

  1. That is an interesting fact! 100 days left for 2019 to finish! Almost feels like the last countdown..

    I’ve noticed that I don’t do well with time bound challenges that spread over a long period of time. If it’s say, for a day or just a weekend, I can manage it. But every other challenge I’ve participated in – story a day in May and sep, 100 days of running, running 50 kilometres in a week, nanowrimo – I always start with a bang but as soon as it starts getting challenging, I start slacking. I don’t quit, but I start skipping days. I don’t know what it is.. maybe there is a lesson or insight hidden here somewhere but I still always sign up for these challenges just to push myself to at least try! 😊 I like the part of trying..
    I would like to set up a personal challenge too for the last 100 days of the year, I wonder what I could do too..

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      • I’m not sure, you could say once I’ve reached 25% of the way I guess. Since I remember for the 100 days of running challenge, I stopped after 35 days, but with the monthly writing challenge, I managed to write for 13 -14 days and then couldn’t keep up the pace. With nanowrimo also, I noticed I’d write 3000 words on a single day and then just forget until it’s nearly the end of the month ..


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