Inner Circle Course Syllabus

A fun look at a course I created that I would love to teach in response to a Human Parts Weekend Prompt!

Inner Circle Course for Creativity

Innovation 1630

Course Logistics:

  • Accelerated Program
  • Classroom: Various Locations
  • Length of course: Rest of my life

About the program:

The course is constructed of creative spaces for writers and readers to connect with a tribe of people to inspire them and fill their creative wells. Connections bring out the best in you as a creative. It will also allow you to connect to yourself.

This course provides a space for life giving conversation and action by creating a close knit “inner circle” of people to immerse in with ultimate input and creativity. This course is the travel guide to lead the way and fill the well.

Course Materials:

Readings: [more may be added]

Deep Work by Cal Newport

The Art of Gathering

Writing Down the Bones Natalie Goldberg

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Additional items:


Fountain pen

Mind maps


Morning Pages

3 pages of daily stream of consciousness writing

Essays of reflections after each experience

Assignments will vary depending on the experience

Participation in the Mastermind/Community

Topics will be provided the week before. Being in the “hot seat” to pose a problem to be solved by the group will be required once during the course.

Participation is also required in the message board community. Part of the creative process is sharing and also being vulnerable with fellow creatives.

Participation in the Conversation Lab and reflection essay

A systematic exercise between two students in the class consisting of a series of questions with allotted time to talk or NOT talk.

Participation in the Conversation Gala

You can read the entire article here.

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