#IWSG September

September 4 question — If you could pick one place in the world to sit and write your next story, where would it be and why?

This question was not difficult to imagine at all!

My perfect setting for my writing retreat would be a little red cabin on the edge of a lake. Mountains in the distance would be the perfect backdrop for the sun. The cabin would be airy with lots of windows and on my very own island. An island makes it perfect for no guests to stop by and for me to take a writing break walk. There are lots of trees to keep me company.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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2 thoughts on “#IWSG September

  1. Writing in the mall might not be considered to be the best place because of noise and too much movement of people but it is actually best place because just looking at people going on with their business and how they behave or react will most likely draw inspiration for you to write…


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