A More Realistic Principal Job Description

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A humorous look of what a principal job REALLY entails…


Most of the staff is committed to the development processes associated with Continuous Improvement for this National Award Winning School. If they aren’t, the before-mentioned staff members are dragged kicking and screaming into the Continuous Improvement process. The process is designed into the operational structure of the school in many different ways, perhaps most notably in the work of the school based team, which depending on the day, determines how much animosity and fighting there is among the staff. Be prepared for rumors to start after said meetings.

Be prepared for teachers who do not want to develop themselves professionally because they know everything. Every meeting will be peppered with phrases such as: “I have been here for 48 years” and “We have always done it this way.”


Contract Terms: 2 years (215 days annually) — which realistically is 365 days and 24/7 — be prepared to have absences documented and brought to your attention by people who really shouldn’t be concerned about it. Know you will have to navigate and answer to emails and phones from the “Big House” when someone calls them to tell you went to lunch and “cannot be found.”

Salary and Benefits: The salary is competitive and the fringe benefits are excellent, but does not reflect actual workload.


1. The applicant must possess or qualify for proper certification as an administrator and have additional training in psychology and verbal combat.

2. Successful experience as a teacher and building- level administrator is highly valued; but often overlooked and under-appreciated by the staff that works for you.

3. The successful candidate will be expected to:

a. Serve as a role model who manifests integrity, self-confidence, a commitment to quality and excellence, courage and a strong desire to focus decision making relative to a “ What Is Best for Kids” philosophy; You may not actually get to implement the practices in your time frame however because staff may not buy in. Have scheduling knowledge and be able to read people is a helpful skill.

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