Are You One of Us?

A reflection about identity.

Recently I was asked by a fellow teacher:
“Are you one of us?”
Even after being in a coach position for 4 years, there is still confusion about my role. There are a couple factors at play here. One factor is the role I play in certain scenarios. If there is a lock down for instance, I am one of the people with a radio. Two, even though I have a good relationship with my teachers I think sometimes they feel like I’m “checking up on them” because the administrator has asked me to. Three, there is an openness to my position that is different from a teacher even though I have the same contract. When I first started I actually was blocked at first from a meeting and was told at the door “Only teachers.”
I’ve had the honor of being a coach in two corporations but the roles were glaringly different. One coaching was mandatory and I was an evaluator/quasi admin. Here, it is voluntary and not evaluative.

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2 thoughts on “Are You One of Us?

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