Inner Circle Gathering is HERE!

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After a lot of contemplation and talking to readers I have decided to open a SLACK channel for us to gather creatively. Please sign up with this link if you would like to join.

The gatherings are creative spaces for writers and readers to connect to a tribe of people to inspire them and fill their creative well. It is to connect and bring out the best in you as a creative to provide a space for life giving conversation and action.


Weekend Coffee Share

Join me for a conversation and a cup of coffee!

I am so glad we are meeting for coffee today! I have been looking forward to chatting with you all week. I think we will go out into the garden today with our coffee before it gets too hot. My dark black coffee is what I am drinking today. What would you like? I will bring out the pitcher of ice water too.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you it has been a trying week. I have been trying to change some investments and it has proven difficult. My financial person and I have been working on it now over 2 months and I am beyond frustrated. I have been wrestling with this company all of 2019 and I am over it. I think the issue will finally be resolved tomorrow with confirmation Tuesday and I can move on to the next thing…

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TGIF – NOT on Friday!

A Post Inspired by Brene Brown

I TRUST that I will be able to recover from my mistakes this week and through apology and action make it right.

I AM GRATEFUL for the time to get to know my colleagues and learn new information that will make me a better person and educational leader.

I AM INSPIRED by Cornelius and Kass Minor. Not only are they wonderful people but fantastic presenters and creators of experiences for learning.

I had FUN learning about people I work with, conflict, new books, writing, and asking the right questions

Rule #4

My writing rules broken down one at a time.

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Rule #4: Find a group of writers you have something in common with — it does not need to be genre, or age, or style.

Writing communities fulfill different needs just like different friends influence different aspects of your life.

I have several writing communities in my life. Here is a breakdown:

Storyaday: This is my writer kindred spirits group. I have been involved directly with this community the longest and it is a flexible grouping with writers being added and deleted as we move along in time. A small core group of us interact daily on Slack and/or email. The common thread in this group is SHORT STORY WRITING.

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Follow Your Intuition

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As a teacher, you have to follow the curriculum, programs and the textbook series the corporation adopts. Most public corporations have adoptions of materials on a rotating basis. The year span between adoption depends on the state and money distribution. The number of years between subject areas can also vary widely. Corporations spend a large amount of money on these materials and the expectation is to follow them. As a coach, I agree with this ideal…mostly.

There is never one program that is a cure-all for your students. A teacher must constantly differentiate based on student needs. Teaching is an art where nuance is required. A knowledge base of your content is important but a teacher also has to synthesize info so others can learn it. Many factors play into a strong teaching strategy and most can be learned. Our natural tendencies can make certain aspects easier. There are fundamental skills such as conveying a proper objective, motivation techniques, the ability to give academic feedback and how to structure and pace a lesson. Methods for teaching problem solving and thinking is imperative as well. To accomplish these skills you must know how to develop relationships with your students. 

The nuance enters when you must decide what you believe as a teacher. You have to have a philosophy you can use as a measuring stick to what you are willing to accommodate for and what you want to fight back on.

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5 Creative Ways to Start A Meeting

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The first 3–5 minutes of any meeting I facilitate starts with a Brain Drainer. The term originated from an amazing educator named Dr. Rita Brodnax who I had the pleasure to work within the late ’90s. She taught me in order for people to learn they have to defocus to refocus. Her brain research fueled the ways she presented. She explained the brain acts like a sponge and can only take so much “water” or information. It has to be “squeezed out” to learn something new. She started every meeting differently and was a model of engagement in the classroom and workshop. Some Brain Drainers were less than 30 seconds and some were up to a couple of minutes. Many involved talking to someone.

Here are 5 Creative Ways to start your next meeting that will get people talking — in a good way!

  1. Use a Riddle

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Weekend Coffee Share

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s sit in these comfortable chairs around my oak table and let’s chat! I am having my regular black coffee this morning but I can make you iced coffee if you prefer. Even though it is summer it doesn’t stop me from drinking several hot cups. I think I will bring us glasses of ice water just for variety.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you we tried to make a water balloon slingshot with bungee cords and duct tape. It was a hit or miss success and then we ordered one from Amazon. It worked better but still needs some finesse. We are working on the technique but the kids had fun.

What would we talk about if we were having coffee at your house?

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Rule #3 For Writing

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An examination of my writing rules one at a time.

Rule #3: Find someone to read your writing who is NOT a writer.

My training as a long distance runner is primarily solo. My running career started with runs on the treadmill. Eventually after 8 months I joined a running group. The group gave me perspective about how fast I was running and how many miles a week I ran compared to other runners similar to me. It was not a judgment just a reality and perspective check.

Writing can be the same way. Writing is a solitary act but we need to share our writing. Writers need community -of writers and readers.

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73 Questions! Who could Resist????

I was nominated by The Wellness Blogger for this challenge inspired from a Vogue Magazine Series which interviews celebrities and other public figures. The questions are designed to allow you know more about my likes and lifestyle, so you will know a bit more about me. Plus I love a good list of questions.

The 73 Questions

  1. What’s your usual Starbucks order?
    Caramel Macchiato or just black coffee. For a little while they had a chili mocha that had chili pepper in it! It is my absolute favorite.

2. What does your workstation look like?
At school, there are piles of books and papers everywhere. My workstation at home is the bed so that means the laptop or my notebook and pen.

3. Favourite food?
Pizza — always pizza. I could eat it everyday.

4. Favourite authors?
Neil Gaiman and Kelly Link — this is a huge list but I will keep it to two!

5. What do you think of open relationships?
Not for me but to each his own.

6. What is your favourite video game?

7. Guilty pleasure treat?
Another drink.

8. Favourite movie?

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory — the old version with Gene Wilder

9. Favourite book?
Children’s: Where the Red Fern Grows

Grownup: Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones

10. Twitter or Instagram?

11. Desktop or laptop?
Laptop, definitely.

12. Best advice you’ve ever received?
Always choose love over fear.

13. What project are you working on right now?
Working on a polished collection of short stories.

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