The Question That Plagues Every Creative Person

How do you refill your well?

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Stayed fueled as a creative person is an idea that has been on my mind for a while. I planned some ways to refuel back in February for a challenge and I have been reflecting about what is life-giving to me and what is depleting.

I am also trying to decipher between what is general depletion and what is just plain exhaustion. Some of my conclusions are:

I need replenishing and recharging, but I do not always know what these look like.

I need to read more which fuels me and my writing.

I need to be around children to talk and listen to how they think — this has always creatively fueled me.

I need to routinely walk and run in nature.

I need to analyze data. It is part of my day job but I also need to analyze personal data. This can be a dangerous practice however and can take me into a depression spiral. There are certain facts about my life that I do not want to look at because I cannot positively frame it. One example is I figured out my hourly rate at my current district and now I can not UNKNOW it.

I need to share stories with people in various forms of writing and storytelling.

I need to share creative experiences with other writers and creative people.

I need to research Ryan Williams 3 anchor stories which was a gem hidden in a notebook I was going through the other day.

The Three Anchor Stories:

The Tearjerker story

The Authority Story

The Pay my Bills Story

But what does this look like in my life right now? After a lot of contemplation and talking to readers I have decided to open a SLACK channel for people who create to be able to have discourse and fuel each other. Please sign up with this link if you would like to join.

The gatherings are creative spaces for writers and readers to connect to a tribe of people to inspire them and fill their creative well. It is to connect and bring out the best in you as a creative to provide a space for life-giving conversation and action. Hope to see you there!

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