All Means All #sol19

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Last week I was able to attend an amazing workshop taught by Cornelius Minor and his wife Kass. The focus was literacy through a lens of equity. It was deep work and I learned so much.

I used my 4 box method of evaluation by asking:

1. What I was expecting

2. What I received

3. What I am still wondering about

4. Additional comments

Here are 20 of my top takeaways.

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9 thoughts on “All Means All #sol19

  1. I’ve seen you use your structure for PD before and each time, I think, genius! I am jotting in my journal three take aways from your take aways. ONE -visuals before writing – so important, visual literacy can play a vital role in the calming of the mind to find ideas and discover writing and voice. I’ve seen it (and written about it) first hand with kids and adults. TWO – cooperation versus collaboration – I like this idea more than compliance. I’ll be thinking about this. One word can waken the mind. THREE – conflict generates ideas. This is cool. I think we ALL need to “practice” conflict and disagreement. I agree that it can change minds and generate ideas! Thanks for sharing, Tammy!

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    • I am so glad you got so much out of my post today! It really was powerful PD. I do not like conflict so the idea that it is useful in other ways was powerful to me.


  2. Oh, I love this four box method! I have heard so many great things about Cornelius Minor! It made me intrigued to know more after reading your insights! Thank you!


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