3 Things to Remember as A Writing Teacher

An honest post

1. Put Your Ego in Check

Yes, you are the adult. Yes, you are a trained professional. BUT, your student is still the writer. They do not have to take your suggestion no matter how much older you are. This applies to kindergarteners thru adult learners. You respect them and they respect you. It is a give and take relationship.

I see so many little people writers by third grade who are terrified to go outside of directions. Some seem to have lost their ability to be creative for the sake of doing what is expected. Please do not take your students’ creativity away. If you have to segment a time slot for the wild abandon of student writing to happen to keep your own brain in check — DO IT. Sometimes it is ok to not know what is going to happen. If you want students to take risks and be vulnerable in their writing you have to make space for it.

2. Be A Writer Yourself

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