3 Steps to Happy

I wrote a guest post for Thavin and Marcob – check out the full post here.

This past week felt special and radiant with no major events on the calendar because it was full of everyday magic. 

The concept of noticing everyday magical moments came to me on a trail run. Running is my main fitness activity and as my feet pound the trail I ponder. The act of running and the solitude helps me through dilemmas and gives me much needed release. 


When I analyze a concept I have to chunk it into smaller pieces in order to understand it and teach it. As a coach, I have to take large problems and bust them up into manageable pieces. While thinking about my own happiness my thought pattern determined  it is not large events that create the happy feeling. Instead, it is mini actions and the mindset I have about a situation which yields the euphoria. If I can recreate these mini actions that are personal to me, then every day happiness can be achieved.

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