How Much Memory Do You Have Remaining?

An alert popped up on my computer screen warning my Google Drive was running out of memory. To combat this problem I deleted and reorganized files into folders for easier access. With the ease of use of Google Drive, I have random documents floating in the abyss of the cloud.

During NANOWRIMO 2 years ago I wrote a complete short story as my project. In my haste, I did not place these stories into a folder but just save them in the general drive with the intention of organizing them later. This is a bad idea.

I am organized to a point, but if I’m frenzied or passionate about an idea I save but do not curate.

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3 thoughts on “How Much Memory Do You Have Remaining?

  1. Love the way you organized your folders by cooking terms and that you have it all saved in “the cloud.” Since I’ve been using Scrivener since NaNo last year, most of my writing since then is saved there. I sync my devices with Dropbox, so I’ve got backups all over. Unfortunately, I still have a lot (primarily research, writing/craft ebooks & freebie ebooks) that is only on my desktop. On my LONG to do list is “set up more Scriv files!”

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    • I have several degrees and cannot seem to figure out scrivener. I hear lots of people love it. Lots of folders do mean we are writing so that is good!


      • My JD didn’t help with Scriv. I’ve just watched vids & used trial/error. Last week I gave in to a deal through Jerry Jenkins & bought Joseph Michael’s “Learn Scrivener Fast.” It focuses on iOS, so I’m extrapolating for Windows. Still, getting good ideas. Plus, bonuses include setting up & using a research system and K.M. Weiland’s outlining system. (p.s. Your take on folders is right up there with Julie’s “not all writing is writing!”)


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