One Day MAYbe… #SOL

Every Tuesday I write and post at the Two Writing Teachers blog. A community of teachers then read and comment on each other’s blog posts.

This is a writing exercise I use every May with students. It is a quick sentence starter that leads to some interesting forward moving conversations about goals and dreams. It also is a good way to start thinking about small pieces of a bigger goal that can be accomplished now.

I used the prompt as a quickwrite – I set the timer for 10 minutes and just let the subconscious take the reins. Here are a few of the sentences I wrote:

One day MAYbe…

my perfect writing mornings will be more of an everyday occurrence.

I will organize my journals.

I will meet Neil Gaiman and Kelly Link.

I will be able to pinpoint the magic I possess with children so I can transfer the skill to adults and coaching.

I will start my Inner Circle Gatherings.

I will create my SkillShare Class.

everyday creation will be my full time job.

I will learn to read faster!

How would you finish this sentence today?

9 thoughts on “One Day MAYbe… #SOL

  1. Great prompt. One day maybe… I’ll use this prompt. Maybe this week. One day, maybe, I will get enough sleep AND get my work done. One day, maybe, I will write everyday. One day, maybe, I’ll finish the skirt I started this weekend – and got through everything but the hemming…

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