#FMF Promise

It’s time for the FMF weekly writing prompt blog link-up. Writers across the world get together, set a timer for 5 minutes and write to the prompt.

This week’s writing prompt from Kate is : PROMISE

A promise is a contract. I typically uphold promises with other people better than I do with myself. I need to exercise a bit more grace with myself I think.

Promises can be large or small.

I promise myself that I will not get defensive when someone hurts my feelings. Then I do it anyway. I need to forgive.

There is promise I see in my students. Such great potential!

Marriage is a promise of being there, of loving me when I am unlovable, of staying when it gets hard. It is the promise to take care of my needs and I will take care of yours.

Friendship is a promise too. I suppose all relationships are.

I have a promise to my children to teach them, and love them so they become members of society that have purpose and emit love and light.

I have promised myself I will write 31 stories this month as part of the storyaday.org challenge. So far, so good. It is day 17 and I am cruising along.

One thought on “#FMF Promise

  1. Love this, and, lucky (?) you, you inspired a poem.

    A promise is a contract,
    at least that’ what they’re teaching,
    and in a world of head-on contact
    contracts are for breaching.
    They say it’s all conditional,
    and hews to state-of-mind,
    where truth becomes rhetorical,
    an excuse to be unkind.
    Thus a promise is effective
    if I’m feeling good about it,
    but its execution is elective
    if feeling make it forfeit.
    I rather think that the Almighty
    is not one to take this lightly.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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