#IWSG – 1st May Wednesday!

This post was written for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group where we share our encouragement or insecurities on the first Wednesday of the month, to join the group or find out more click here. Welcome to May 2019!

Today is an exciting day for writing! Storyaday May begins today and I am ready to write 31 stories for the month with writing friends.

May 1 question – What was an early experience where you learned that language had power?

Words have had power ever since I can remember.

I remember the letter people in kindergarten and the power of owning books. I ordered from the Scholastic book club and it was a joy I still get when I buy a book. This title was The Night Before Christmas with a record. That feeling never gets old.

I knew I felt better and could think clearer when I wrote as a young girl too. There is one story that is metaphor with trees and a forest I wish I could find!

Happy Wednesday Writing! Happy short story month!

8 thoughts on “#IWSG – 1st May Wednesday!

    • You should! If you pop over to the storyaday.org website you can see the prompt for today. You can sign up for the emails to get them delivered to your inbox too! I had fun with the story frame today.


  1. Good luck with StoryADay! I participated a few years back and really enjoyed it. It was tough but worth it.

    Oh, and I remember ordering books in school from Scholastic! I loved the days when the box arrived in the classroom….. 🙂

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  2. A story a day! Wow, that sounds like a challenge. I tend to like longer works, so I can mull over what I want to do with a project and keep it around longer in my head, but I bet such a challenge is fun.

    Happy IWSG Day!

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