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It is Thursday! Time for inspiration!

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3 Podcasts

The Secret Library Podcast – Judy Reeves

I love Judy Reeves and have several of her books and kits. This is a great interview about writing groups.


I listen to this podcast right away when it comes into my feed. This episode is about the story framework which is a great prompt.

The Ground Up Show

I love this episode of the Ground Up Show. I have not listened to more yet but I am now subscribed in my podcast app.

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Inner Circle Gatherings

An exciting opportunity awaits you!

Please click here for an interest form.

I am so excited to announce the launch of my Inner Circle Gatherings. The purpose of the gatherings is to bring people together to inspire, bring out the best in you as a creative, and provide a space for life-giving conversation and action. 

Once a month you will be invited to a Google Video Hangout with the topic for the month where we will chat for an hour. The first hangout will be scheduled for the middle of the month in June.

Please fill out this form to let me know you’re interested and I will add you to the Inner Circle Gathering Mailing List and your invite to the first meeting will be forthcoming. You may always opt out later.


WMYST stands for “What Makes You Say That?” and is a visible thinking technique I have used over the past several years in my professional development meetings and modeled lessons.

Before a series of meetings a couple years ago, I hung a sentence strip in the meeting space and waited for someone to ask what the acronym stood for.

The purpose of this technique for me, is to have a key phrase that elicits more complex and elaborate answers. Many times teacher responses are validations. This phrasing is purposeful and respectful and can be used from kindergarten to adult learners.

The first time it is used may result in quizzical looks and the need for scaffolded questions.

It can be frustrating for the people who are used to cut and dry answers or non verbal validation of answers.

Try it and see what happens!

It was almost as successful as the cluster meeting where I only spoke in questions. It was an interesting experiment and a story for another day!

For more information: Visible Thinking Website

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3-2-1 Creative Sparks

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3 – New Things I Love


This podcast is amazing and I am blowing through the episodes. I met Nicole through the Ninja Writers group. Her voice is wonderful and her content is spot on. Everything ties back to her “WHY” of having a support group that works for you as a writer. Check her out.


Sarah Selecky Writing School

Sarah Selecky’s Blog Post about Abstraction

I love this article and it resonated with me.


Fallon Brown

Writing about love, in all its varieties, for love’s sake

Fallon is one of the Storyaday Superstars and a fantastic writer! I have been enjoying her stories for StoryaDay May this year.

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One Day MAYbe… #SOL

Every Tuesday I write and post at the Two Writing Teachers blog. A community of teachers then read and comment on each other’s blog posts.

This is a writing exercise I use every May with students. It is a quick sentence starter that leads to some interesting forward moving conversations about goals and dreams. It also is a good way to start thinking about small pieces of a bigger goal that can be accomplished now.

I used the prompt as a quickwrite – I set the timer for 10 minutes and just let the subconscious take the reins. Here are a few of the sentences I wrote:

One day MAYbe…

my perfect writing mornings will be more of an everyday occurrence.

I will organize my journals.

I will meet Neil Gaiman and Kelly Link.

I will be able to pinpoint the magic I possess with children so I can transfer the skill to adults and coaching.

I will start my Inner Circle Gatherings.

I will create my SkillShare Class.

everyday creation will be my full time job.

I will learn to read faster!

How would you finish this sentence today?

Have You Read This Story?

Photo by Wendy van Zyl on Pexels.com

I love the red bookmark in the above picture. There is something centering about it.

Have you read this story? You should.

God Is a Twelve Year Old Girl

Have you read this story yet?

The Secret Lives of the Nine Negro Teeth of George Washington

Have you read this story yet?

Ironic Honeymoon

What about this one?

Joan of Arc Sits Naked in Her Dorm Room