Right Now #SOLC Day 30

I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge for the month of March! We are almost to the end. Head over to twowritingteachers.org to check out some other great blogs.

Today I am using a format from fellow blogger Terje @ Just for A Month.

Right now I am

::sitting in the bed. I do not have to go anywhere today and it is glorious!

::watching the computer screen light up to greet me me hello! We are going to spend a lot of time together over the next week.

::sensing a nap coming on mid morning.

::drinking perfect hot black coffee – only on cup one right now.

::listening to the rain ping off the roof and flow down the gutters. The birds are twittering all about it.

::finding my thoughts centering around the Neil Gaiman interview on Tim Ferris’ podcast. That episode has stuck with me. Neil is my new go to author for essays for my Bradbury Trio. I have his book of nonfiction essays.

::hearing the quiet of the morning – no alarm, no children awake yet!

::feeling thankful for my job and spring break and writing and writing community

::appreciating the love of family in my life and spending time with them

::looking forward to resting over the next week! I also have a good writing day scheduled on Monday. A real life meeting and a Zoom writing meeting.

::wondering about what I am going to write today.

::doubting I will move much today!

::admiring how much my oldest son loves baseball. He is dedicated to his team and has played two games for this season already.

::realizing that next week is my Oma’s death anniversary.

::tapping on the keys of the Chromebook is a satisfying sound

::remembering to appreciated the moment I am in and not to wish away the ones I have.

::missing nothing right now.

::worrying about money stuff but right now I cannot do anything about it.

::deciding to do #CAMPNANOWRIMO I am glad it is less restrictive. I have a (kinda) plan and I write anyway so hopefully it will be ok! ha!

::leaning on my husband as always. I am also leaning on my writing communities. I have needed them this month, more than they know!

::sending sunshine and llama love out to everyone who reads my blog

::wishing  to have a wonderful relaxing and day full of laughter, togetherness, reading, and writing!

15 thoughts on “Right Now #SOLC Day 30

  1. I love imagining that you are writing this as you listen to the rain. My favorite time is the quiet of the morning, especially when you get to spend extra time in bed (and even better with coffee!!)

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  2. A lot of thoughts on your mind right now…
    As for me:
    Right now trying to avoid starting the ironing… Right now arms aching as I’ve just finishing dusting walls of cobwebs… Right now asking son to make me a much needed coffee! ❤

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  3. I, too, woke to the rain, but don’t think I yet have the mental capacity to think through everything that has crossed your mind before getting out of bed (which is heaven and I hope you enjoy every moment of your spring break). My only thought this morning, having survived the first week back from spring break, was how short a weekend feels in comparison.

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  4. Enjoy your break. love that you couple “thankful for my job and spring break.” That those two statements coexist without tension says it all! I’ll bet you have some Sunday evening thoughts that are similar. Mornings, empty and open, are wonderful. I wouldn’t give them up for anything. Again, happy break!

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  5. This is a wonderful post that makes me happy to read. You have structured your life so that you engage so deeply with reading, writing, learning, and thinking every day. I have visited your blog here and there before but never read every day as I have been this month, and I have to tell you how inspiring and enriching and encouraging I find your blog as I try to figure out how to stay more committed and dedicated to the writing and reading practices that enrich my own life.

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  6. I like these “right now” microSlices. I think they will be good to look back on when we try to remember when, because they show your focus, your world, and your heart at that exact time. Lovely!

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    • I enjoy writing and reading the list slices! I agree…I do like the idea to go back and reread to see where we were. I sometimes like the blog better because it is more polished than my journal. Which begs the question then…do you go back and reread your own blog posts? I think I only do to rework them.hmmmmmm

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