Musical Memories #SOLC Day 22

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I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge at

I played the violin from 6th grade to 12th grade and had the same orchestra teacher my entire career.

One year we placed at state playing “HoeDown” by Copeland. We would have received a perfect score if the music had not been mislabeled. We LOVED performing this song. I would practice sequences on my arm in class.

The song may seem familiar to you…it was featured in a “Beef It’s what’s For Dinner” commercial several years ago.

Over the past week I have listened to the song over and over. I can feel what it is like to be on stage. I was third chair [there were literally two prodigies in the 1st and 2nd chairs] throughout high school and can remember looking out into the crowd at performances.

What memories come back with music for you?

8 thoughts on “Musical Memories #SOLC Day 22

  1. I didn’t have the opportunity growing up, but I enjoyed my daughter’s compositions, violin, singing and French Horn. Into adulthood, she’s abandoned them for now. I love how you practiced sequences on your arm.

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  2. I tried my hardest to play a keyboard growing up & I got quite good at it… Only thing is that I could never play chords and the tune at the same time, I couldn’t use two hands!!! After years of practice, I eventually gave up… ☹️

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  3. I took piano lessons when I retired, I even bought a keyboard for practice, but I will always be an amateur. One of my sisters can play piano “by ear” and she used to play for us in the evenings on an upright in the living room. I love listening to music of all kinds. It does soothe the soul.

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  4. Your post reminds me of the power that music holds to bring us back to a place in time in our lives. I love writing off music and may even do so for one of my slices! Thanks Tammy! – Krista

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  5. Through most of my elementary and some high school years I took accordion lessons. I enjoyed making music. I was even part of a band for several years. May write a post about that sometime.

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  6. I played violin from 6th grade to 9th grade. My teacher in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade is currently teaching at the school that I work. She is still AMAZING! My students love that she was my teacher. All of my friends (from growing up) played music and most were in (rock) bands, so MANY different songs bring back memories. Thank you for sharing!

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