#FMF: Reward

Every Friday I free write for 10 minutes based on the word chosen by Kate from Five Minute Friday.

Today’s word is REWARD. Set the timer for 5 minutes and GO!

Reward is defined as a thing given for service or recognition. I am personally offended most times by rewards or prizes of any kind that are given for an expected or required effort. I am motivated intrinsically.

Are rewards equated with acceptance? Validation? For me? No. For others, I think so.

Rewards for me are the activity or the feeling of accomplishment at the end. I suppose that is a reward by my own definition but not a THING. Rewards are not the tangible material items. I don’t work for STUFF. It is just not my way.

The reward is the to do list checked off. Or the runners high at the end of a trail run.The smile or laugh when I tell a good story to a friend. The joy of the relationship I have with my husband.The fact my jeans fit better after 3 months of IF.

Every day is a reward because I was able to live it.

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