Weekend Coffee Share #SOLC Day 16

Grab your cup of coffee and sit in a comfortable chair around this oak table and let’s chat! I am having my regular black coffee this morning. I am on my third cup though. I have been really tired all this week.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge. Teachers all over the world are posting on their blogs daily and at the TWT blog and then comment on at least 3 posts. This weekend there is a comment challenge so there will be lots of activity. If the internet goes down blame it on the teachers! I commented every day and it is always great to interact with people.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I have had a training yesterday with Jim Knight. I drove into the city which always feels sophisticated to me. They had moved our tables which was jarring! This is a series of workshops and the same group meets every time. We have one more session next month. I spent a lot of the time talking to the coaches at our table. The materials are always great. We talked about learning maps which is something I will bring back to my office. It is a visible learning plan for students and teachers. There were times I had a hard time focusing throughout the day because I had woken up at 2:30 am. I had multiple little baby cups of coffee. I had great conversation about writing with a gifted classroom with an elementary coach too which was fun.

If we were having coffee I would tell you the conference I want to go to in November has posted the registration this week. I cannot sign up quite yet but will. There are studies that show the more you anticipate something the more happiness you glean from it. I will be taking full advantage of this fact with the writing conference in Salem! I have been there once. The Sunday before I ran the Boston Marathon I spent the day walking around the city. It was fascinating and I cannot wait to go back.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I read at least one essay, one poem and one short story every day this week for my Bradbury Trio. I found the formats and the ideas finding their way into my writing this week which is a good thing. The essays mostly were Ray Bradbury and Natalie Goldberg.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you a teacher left our building in the middle of the year. She had her reasons and I support her, but I am sad about it. She is the second math teacher to do it this year. I feel bad for the kids. Some of them are not dealing with the feelings of abandonment well.

If we were having coffee I would tell you my writing has been all over the place. I wrote every day but I am not working on any particular short stories. I do have the rejected flash fiction story I want to revise and send back out this weekend. I plan to work on some longer word count short stories for the month is April. I also will get 3 critiques back on another story from my group so I will be able to revise it next month and send it out too!

If we were having coffee I would tell you I loved this chat with you today! It really is a highlight of my week. What is the best thing that happened to you today? I would love to hear about something inspiring you read.

Happy Weekend!

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24 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #SOLC Day 16

  1. Actually, I AM having coffee with you – second cup, two shots of half and half. I love Jim Knight’s work and I, too, write “all over the place” – experimenting with form, feel, how to spin ideas out. Thanks for this chat. 🙂

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  2. I am sipping my coffee with you right now! Each time I read one of your slices I feel like I am getting to know you better and better. I imagine you are a fantastic colleague to work with. Lately I am reading essays from Thich Nhat Hanh. I purchased a pocket version that I keep in my lunch bag and digest a morsel of wisdom from him along with a few bites of lunch each day. I love it! https://www.amazon.com/Pocket-Thich-Nhat-Shambhala-Classics/dp/1590309367

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  3. Me to Tammy. I loved our chat… Your life is filled with such good teaching passion… wonderful…. we ARE sipping coffee together… I actually had coffee with Natalie Goldberg one summer during a workshop I was taking with her. Interesting…


  4. Me too Tammy. I loved our chat… Your life is filled with such good teaching passion… wonderful…. we ARE sipping coffee together… I actually had coffee with Natalie Goldberg one summer during a workshop I was taking with her. Interesting…

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  5. I would love to sit and have coffee with all of you! It amazes me how this month brings people together! It inspires me to write and live a more present and rich life. I, too, am having coffee as I write and read slices. Pema Chodron, Thich Nhat Hanh, Natalie Goldberg.. we could talk for hours about their work.

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  6. Love our coffee times! I am ready for my second cup after my exercise! My highlight was having a half day yesterday after a long day of conferences the day before. I feel like I got to read a little extra for pleasure. I am now more ready to work (and clean a bit too). Have a great weekend!

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  7. Good afternoon !

    I’ve had 4 cups of coffee already today !!!!!!!!! Today we’ve taken the kids swimming and it’s a rare rest of day doing nothing. Yesterday evening my wife and I went to the local Theatre, and then on to a pub that had an 80’s disco running……which was rather fun for the hour that we were there. And they took requests, so we had a few songs played as well, and they had a big tv screen, so the video’s ran as well.

    Maybe watch the Australian Grand Prix qualifying on tv later today.

    A weekend of relaxing – now that is rare. My wife is a Teacher (like you), and she (like you) works incredibly hard. She is looking forward to the Easter holidays. My wife doesn’t drink coffee………….

    Ooo, we did get the new baby guinea pigs in with their mum ! Took some pics of them. Lots of pics of them up on my blog notyoumate.wordpress.com

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  8. I actually poured a cup of coffee for this share.:) It is my FIRST cup of the morning. I had one late last night to help me stay awake on a long drive home. The family went to see my niece perform in the musical Annie. She was Annie. It was the highlight of the week. I was sad to hear a teacher left your building mid year. That has not happened in our building in a LONG time, which I am grateful for (I know that people have their reasons, but it is tough to lose a good teacher).

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  9. I love Jim Knight and saw him when we were first implementing coaching in our district. I wish more people had a chance to see him! My writing is all over the place too, but that’s where some of the best writing comes from!

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  10. I am reading “Why They Can’t Write” by John Warner this week. It is both inspiring and maddening. Sorry to hear about your teacher leaving! It is always sad for the kids. I always feel bad for the new teacher, too. I think the kids can be a little biased against them sometimes.

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  11. “If the internet goes down blame it on the teachers!” Oh yes. So impressed that you got up and drove in to the city – feels very sophisticated to me, too. I love your coffee dates & need to follow suit – but right now I’m ready for bed. Maybe coffee tomorrow?

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  12. This is such a lovely piece of writing! I really like the idea of having a cup of coffee with your reader.. In fact I was just having one!
    I love how you are participating in multiple activities and planning for more.
    Best of luck with your story submissions!

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