#ThinkingThursday #SOLC Day 14

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life challenge. Each day in March teachers from around the country post to their blogs and the Two Writing Teachers website. We read and comment on each other’s posts

Today’s post is centered around a question for you dear readers:

What fun fact would you share if you were being interviewed on a podcast?

A follow-up question for you is: Have you ever been on a podcast?

While thinking of what fun fact to share consider these ideas –

  • Do you have hidden talents?
  • Have you met someone interesting?
  • What are you obsessed with?
  • What is the most unusual thing you own?

What is my fun fact?

If I were on a podcast I would share a story of my intuition as my fun fact.

I used to be afraid to fly and for my last job we flew quite a few times a year for training. I had set my mindset that the pilot and the flight attendants were not going to willing get on a plane knowing it would go down so I calmed myself with that idea and also a breathing exercise from my yoga training.

[Side note here: As I have been reflecting over the last couple of weeks I have realized I really miss teaching my yoga classes! Back to regularly scheduled programming…]

Anyway, so we were to fly to New York and I was panicking about this trip for over a week before which I had not been doing for months. I tried to reframe my mindset, I talked to my coworkers who assured me flying is safer than driving, I did my breathing exercises, etc. Nothing helped the impending doom hanging over this trip.

We are in line at the airport and what do you know!? The flight is canceled due to MECHANICAL DIFFICULTIES. Luckily, they put us on a different plane to fly East. This plane was smaller than one my son made with Legos so the crashing thoughts came back. We did make it there and had an interesting van ride from Jersey to New York but I am still here to tell the tale!

Please share your fact in the comments below.

Bonus question: Yes! I have been on a podcast! You can read about it and find that here. #happyslicing!

18 thoughts on “#ThinkingThursday #SOLC Day 14

  1. Yes, I have been on a podcast, interviewed by a lady who runs an art studio called Deep Space Sparkle, about the kind of art I do with my kids here in India. It was fun although it was 5 in the morning here (She was in LA) and I was very nervous. I’ll have a listen to yours!
    But I’m not really nervous about flying!!

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  2. I have never been on a podcast but my favorite fun/gross fact I always share in icebreakers is that I was born with a tooth in my nose (had it removed when I was 3ish). I have a scar where it was, and a friend of mine once noticed it and yelled out, “DID YOUR MOM DROP A VACUUM CLEANER ON YOU, TOO?”

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  3. One of my fun facts is that I was, by chance, an extra in “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off”. A college buddy and I took a road trip to Chicago one long weekend, and there was a film production going down on State Street. A runner asked if we’d be extras. We had to pretend to be REALLY INTO Matthew Broderick’s lip-syncing of Twist and Shout, while the float crawled down the street, backed up again, crawled down, backed up, etc. and etc. and etc. I figured the film would never make it to the theatres.
    Thanks for the slice, TammyB!

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  4. “This plane was smaller than one my son made with Legos so the crashing thoughts came back.” – I loved this line. It made me feel nervous for you. I’ve never been on a podcast, but I would tell about how completing an Ironman (Lake Placid) changed my entire life. Thanks for sharing!


    • Did you like the ironman? I cry everytime I see the finishes in Kona. I am a marathoner and ultra marathoner but have no desire to do a tri – even though I was a swimmer in HS.


  5. Thanks for this post. You have given me yet another topic conflating two ideas you’ve mentioned: meeting someone interesting and flight dilemmas. Thanks for that! Love to have more to write about.

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  6. This is a wonderful idea for a piece! My fun fact is that I taught at a school for Haitian refugees in the Bahamas for three years. The experience of a lifetime and am going back for our 30th reunion there this summer!

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