Keeping A Notebook #SOLC Day 11

I am participating in the Two Writing Teachers March Slice of Life Challenge. Teachers all over the world are posting on their blogs daily and at the TWT blog and then comment on at least 3 posts. There are lots of teacher-writers there I follow regularly and I have already met new ones.

Yesterday I was a gymnastics meet and was able to write in my notebook a lot in between my daughter’s events. I love a peek into other people’s notebooks and therefore their processes. I love the podcasts Keeping a Notebook from Nina LaCour and How Do You Write from Rachael Herron for this reason.

If there is a post with the word NOTEBOOK in it I am clicking every time so I thought I would share a glance into my brain that has too many drawers open with you!

Here is a list of what I put in my notebook yesterday:

  1. List of stories to find and ideas for blog posts for the month.
  2. Logged a prank my daughter played on my husband and I to put into a story.
  3. Tarot card reflections.
  4. Logged title of short story I read.
  5. Logged title of essay I read.
  6. Snippets from the 4 hour drive on Saturday to put in my compost pile for writing. One of which is the fact that 5 deer came running down in this hilly section of winding road. They all stopped at the road and waited for the cars to stop THEN ran across through the stream to the other side. It was wild and beautiful!
  7. Writing practice with the stems: I KNOW and I DON’T KNOW
  8. All the event scores and places for my daughter.
  9. start of 2 poems
  10. Planning for a story centered around a character named Ansil.
  11. List of names – first and last to mix and match
  12. Notes from a podcast about patterns.
  13. Play with verbs as an anchor concept for characters.

Do you keep a notebook?

22 thoughts on “Keeping A Notebook #SOLC Day 11

  1. I have a notebook in my purse, but I seldom use it. I can never find anything in it again. I used to write things down on random scraps of paper, and then I got a binder and put them all in there. The first year I did Story A Day May, I took stuff out of it as prompts. Now, I don’t dare look for new projects until I finish some of the ones I’ve already started! I like your logging stuff to use IN stories. I like your name lists. My #4 Daughter (also a writer) and I did lists of Ways to Meet and of Occupations. I posted them online at some point…somewhere….

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  2. I’m a notebook addict, so I have a ton. I have different notebooks for different things. One is a book of observation, another is just story ideas, one is song lyrics, etc. etc.

    Keep smiling,

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  3. I have a notebook too. I love your term “compost pile”. That’s exactly what it is. I heard another writer call the things we hear and see as gifts. I write them down because I know I’ll forget and will want to use them someday.

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    • I must be transparent here and tell you that is from Neil Gaiman. Different writers call them different things – I like gifts. I sometimes call them sparks or snippets. haha I know I will forget them…I love my notebooks. There is never just one though which makes it hard to find something specific for me later. DO you just have one for everything?

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  4. Yep, I have multiple notebooks or if you prefer the fancier term of journals 😊 I have a small Harry Potter one that I always carry for notes on what I’ve read or thoughts on writing topics. I’ve got a separate spiral notebook for work related notes, a small spiral daily to-do list notepad, and a huge leather bound recycled paper journal that I keep as a personal diary😊

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  5. Wow. So many interesting ideas here! A notebook is something I have not done, but may learn to cultivate now that I am blogging every day! In a pinch – I need not look further than this post for inspiration!

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  6. Oh my gosh, you are so organized! I have six or seven notebooks scattered all over, and when I have something I want to remember, I just scramble for the nearest one (or the notes app on my phone in a pinch). In one notebook, I wrote a story idea on the last page and have been planning the story backwards onto preceding pages ever since. It’s a mess!

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    • Oh no my friend, this is not the only one. I have been trying to keep one but like you said…it is sometimes about what is closer to me! I like the idea of the story being told backwards though!


  7. I use the note book on my phone… I keep notes of any inspiration I get through the day… I had loads yesterday because I was in an awful mood! It created great poetry though… 😉

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  8. These are they types of slices I hope to come across during the SOLC- I read blogs and mine nuggets of writing gold. I, too, love notebooks and have so many. Writer’s Notebooks are sometimes so mysterious, we are always wondering “What do other people put in their notebooks?” Thanks for sharing a slice of one day’s entries with all of us.

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  9. I definitely keep a notebook. I try to write at least three pages a day in it. I enjoyed reading about all of the ways you utilized your writer’s notebook yesterday!

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  10. Love this list, it shows you’re always on the lookout for good ideas. Do you share this as a model for your kids and generating ideas? So many kids get themselves stuck because they don’t know what to write about when it’s all around us, all the time.

    And yeah, I have an idea book for work stuff, we share a home idea book for keeping our household in order, and (now, especially that I’m slicing and blogging) one for writing and generating ideas. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    • I do! I often carry my notebook around with me and tell the kids when I am writing stuff down in their classes. I used to do more when I was a classroom teacher as opposed to being a coach now.


  11. I do keep a notebook. In fact, I have several. The funny thing is that sometimes the ideas don’t even make it to the notebook because they end up on a napkin, a scrap piece of paper, or a receipt, and then, they go directly to the computer (story, poem, random thoughts/ideas). I’ll never stop using a notebook though. Thanks for the post!

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  12. I have always kept notebooks. Just the other day I looked through some old ones. What fun that was! I love your list. You have a lot of entries and ideas to play with. My problem: I love the notebook entries, but I don’t do much with them!

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  13. I’m an intermittent notebook keeper, but I do have a few lying around in different places. Probably my most-used is a tiny (2×3) notebook I keep in my purse. That sucker has EVERYTHING in it. If my purse ever gets stolen & the thief is a reader, my life will be exposed! Love the wide variety of things in your notebook.

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