Things I Want More Of #FMF #SOLC Day 8

I am participating in TWO WRITING TEACHERS Slice of Life Challenge for the month of March. It is also Friday and time for FMF (Five Minute Friday) so I am combining efforts here.

Honestly, it has been a trying week. There has been a lot going on and I truly appreciate the interaction I have had with bloggers, teachers, writers, and friends.

What do I want more of?

I want more time that is my own and not overshadowed by other people’s stuff.

I want more time to write. Sometimes I want that time to be in a coffee shop or bookstore so I can people watch and overhear conversations.

I want more reading that lasts longer than 10 minutes at a time. I want to fall into more books. I also want to read more for reading sake – not just to get the book done and add it to a numbered list for the year.

I want more time at home as opposed to the car or really anywhere else for that matter!

I want more interaction with my writer tribe (I am doing something about this TODAY) This MORE goes with my word of the year #CONNECT. I also want to connect more with my readers – of the blog and my fiction.

I want more money to do things with my kids and husband. I want to travel more. I want to attend writing conferences.

I want more consistent sleep. I don’t do self care well. I get sleep but it is all over the place throughout the week.

I want more coffee? No…just kidding. I drink A LOT! Come by Sunday and we can have coffee together to talk about the weekend!

Overall, I want more peace. In my heart there is much peace, I just need more of the surrounding molecules to get on board!

What do you want more of?

15 thoughts on “Things I Want More Of #FMF #SOLC Day 8

  1. I am with you I want more time to write too. I want more time with family and more time with God. How do we find all this more? Still battling this. Thanks for sharing.

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    • I don’t know . Alexandra Stoddard has a quote that we make time for what is important to us . I think the first step is really knowing what we want so we can arrange our lives to have it


  2. That is a good wish list. I am retired so I do have more time to write–but I need more discipline to spend time each day writing. I need to be more attuned to God’s direction–how does he want me to use my time and gifts. I enjoyed your post. I am your neighbor at FMF.

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  3. So much to do, so little time. I want more understanding between different factions of society. I want politicians to learn to compromise over party ideology. I want people to come together to articulate a sustainable vision for our planet. I want more chocolate chip banana muffins. The list is endless. I’m a greedy person.

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  4. “I want more time at home as opposed to the car or really anywhere else for that matter!” – SO TRUE! I want that too. The “me” time is so important. We spend the day running in a thousand different directions (usually for other people), and by the time the day ends, the “me” time turns into sleep. Although, you could have another cup of coffee to keep you awake.:) Thank you for sharing!

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  5. I love this piece (and totally stealing the idea for later in the month!). I really resonate with the line about wanting more time at home instead of in the car. I enjoy driving and have the most beautiful commute in the world, but I drive sixty miles one way to work and sometimes it gets old.

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  6. Awesome list😊 like you and many others who have commented, I want more time to write and sleep. I also want to take a solo trip somewhere, even if it’s just for one night😊


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