My Favorites Party – You’re Invited #SOLC – Day 7

I am participating in the
Slice of Life Challenge
All participants are writing about one moment, one part of their day, every day of March 2019.
A big thank you to Two Writing Teachers for providing this unique opportunity
for teacher-writers to share and reflect.

This is the Slicer that started the Favorite Party Slice trend: here

Each person is asked to bring five of their favorite things.  Doesn’t this sound like a fun thing to do with friends?

I do too, and I have invited YOU! I have wanted to do a REAL LIFE party for a while, but am so excited to do this as a slice. The week has been stressful and sometimes fun items make us happy!

Imagine we are all sitting around a  roaring fire in comfy clothes with delicious beverages. We would have some yummy fireplace food – something hearty with some rustic bread.

Image result for free fireplace images

What would you bring to share?

I would bring:

  1. Inkjoy pens

Image result for inkjoy pens

2. Intelligencia Black Cat Coffee

Image result for intelligentsia coffee black

3. Smartwool socks – these are my favorite for running and for lounging around. They are expensive but worth it.

Image result for smartwool socks

4. Well Write Journals – This is my new favorite journal. It is the perfect size and it lays flat and is durable. The paper is lovely and numbered.

WriteWell Journals

5. Llama Stickers – Llamas are my new thing and I am not sure why. I love this sticker that I found at Target. They make me happy.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 20190115_084802-1.jpg

6. Writing Down the Bones – a classic writing book that we could pull some exercises from and writing together – with our pens and journals we put stickers on and wearing our socks drinking coffee! HA!

Image result for writing down the bones

Bonus Item:

This book is pre-order right now but comes out April 2 – The podcast of the same name is amazing and there are bonuses for ordering as well. You can go to this site for info:

Image result for the next right thing

Just imagine the conversation we would have!

Please share your favorite things you would share in the comments.

24 thoughts on “My Favorites Party – You’re Invited #SOLC – Day 7

  1. Such a clever and interactive idea for a slice. I’d bring a big heavy Staub pot for cooking and serving that hearty dish of yours. And Wallace Stegner’s Crossing to Safety for reading aloud a passage or two just to admire the gorgeous writing. And a really cozy warm cashmere wrap. And some beautiful Simon Pearce glasses for drinking those beverages. And some of my grandmother’s cloth napkins which are soft and faded from age but still beautiful.

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  2. I don’t need to bring anything! Your guests have it covered. I wouldn’t bring my phone, my worries about tomorrow, my competitive tendencies, my “monkey mind,” or my defensiveness. Can I come over?

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  3. I have joined Leigh Anne’s party during previous years. I’ll join your party today. I’ll bring some chocolate, cheese, candles, milky oolong tea for other tea drinking slicers, and a poetry book (not sure which one, yet).

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  4. A big book of Calvin and Hobbes, popcorn (homemade of course), hot chocolate, one of the good pens, and my Bluetooth speaker so we have something to listen to (if we want, of course). This is a great, creative slice, thanks for sharing!

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  5. I’m on my way! I’ll bring a collection of my favorite middle grade novels, a growler of Middle Ages beer, some dark chocolate, a couple Van Morrison albums (I hope that you have a record player), and a good teacher/teaching movie (maybe, Stand and Deliver). Thank you for this great idea and post.

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  6. This sounds amazing! I would bring hot chocolate with marshmallows, blue and red gel pens for writing and editing respectively (gel pens are so satisfying to use), pocket spiralbound notebooks, a fuzzy sweatshirt that feels like a blanket, and as much tea as I can pack.

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  7. Thanks for sharing my slice! I didn’t not host a party this year, so I will join yours! I would bring dark chocolate, comfy clothes, Diet Coke, my own Ink Joy pens, and my phone for pictures only!

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