What I Am Grateful For…At Work #SOLC Day 4

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Today I am sharing what I am grateful for specifically at work. Lately, I’ve been reflecting about my purpose and what my needs are for my job. This post is part of the Slice of Life Challenge at twowritingteachers.org.

I appreciate I work in a school with talented teachers.

I appreciate upper administration is conscious of student safety.

I appreciate my school has Chromebooks for every student.

I appreciate I have a principal that understands teacher time and trying to manage one thing at a time.

I appreciate I have an office big enough to do trainings in and have a coffee pot.

I appreciate I have teachers who want to learn and come to voluntary PD consistently.

I appreciate the teachers who allow me to teach small groups of students for me to do writers workshop and genius hour.

I appreciate my schedule is flexible and I do not have to do sub plans.

I appreciate my school values reading as an important skill and honors it with time.

I appreciate the training I am receiving this year – esp. the Jim Knight coaching.

What do you appreciate at work?

25 thoughts on “What I Am Grateful For…At Work #SOLC Day 4

  1. Wonderful to begin Monday morning with gratitude, Tammy. No doubt your colleagues come willingly to PD sessions with you because YOU are valuable to them as a person and a resource. I’ll bet they’d say they appreciate you. Have a great week. I look forward to reading more posts.

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  2. Having a welcoming space to meet, connect, plan, and problem solve is so important. This is a lovely list – I am sure you would be on many of your colleagues’ lists as well. Look forward to getting to know you this month.

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  3. Great topic, especially when we have the spring/ fall (depending on where you are in the world) slump… I will try to do something similar for one of my posts. Thanks for the idea.

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  4. Great post! It sounds like you work in a pretty great school. I appreciate the dedication of my students (on their assignments and school work, on being respectful, and being good to each other). I appreciate the support from the teachers and administrators that I work with. Thank you for making me do a little “Monday reflecting”!

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  5. Living life with a grateful heart will bring you much joy and abundance. I hope the people you work with see this post and feel your appreciation. I am sure they appreciate you as well. Great slice!


  6. Love seeing your gratitude post. A couple that jumped out at me – teachers who want to learn & come to voluntary PD consistently and a school that values reading and honors it with time. Sounds like you are in a terrific school!


  7. Gratitude is a wonderful emotion to share. Thanks for letting us know that your work environment is one that fulfills you. It is wonderful that you have support and are willing to provide it for your colleagues, Tammy.

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  9. It is clear that you like being at work and things are going smooth for you which is nice and it’s a must to be that way because that’s where you spend lots of your time…


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