#SOL19 Memory Lane + Survey

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Saturday was a trip down memory lane for me when I returned to the town where I started my teaching career.

I remembered the days I met my students at the park and we went sledding.

I remembered the Sundays I went to the library to get books for our class for the week and students started showing up when I was there.

I remembered the festivals downtown where I would hear my name shouted.

I remembered all the training I received at this corporation. I am still using most of what I learned there in my teaching life.

I remembered the teacher field trips we took to Brown County basically to eat pie and the line dancing class we took where I couldn’t keep up and just laughed the whole time.

I remembered the trips to Treasure Mart with Stephanie my friend and art teacher as we scoured for items to experiment with in our crafty states!

The town looked different and familiar at the same as 10 years of absence will do to perception.

One place I was looking forward to was lunch at Mike’s Pizza. My mouth was watering thinking about eating the Italian Beef Sandwiches and breadsticks. Sadly, they had closed at the beginning of the month.

What are you remembering today?

In order to serve my readers better please take a moment and take this brief survey and tell me your thoughts!

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9 thoughts on “#SOL19 Memory Lane + Survey

  1. Just yesterday I was looking at the yearbook from my year of teaching. So, yes, I was also going down memory lane…and maybe a little wishing lane….like I wish I was that skinny again, or didn’t have as many gray hairs! Ha!

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  2. Your post made me think of my first teaching job which was in a catholic school. The school was located above a church. Sadly, neither the school nor the church are still operational.

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  3. Wonderful memories, shared so well, evoking my own memories! I like the artistic effect created by your rhetorical use of anaphora. I like your form–making each memory a paragraph of its own as if each contains its own story waiting to unfold. When I read it a second time, I saw a poem lurking in your prose… Mentally I played with line breaks and then a change of a word here and there. So many possibilities here!

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  4. It’s great to have a trip down memory lane… Today I had my mum & sister over and we were remembering how scared we used to be to get ‘the look’ from my mum! She was a tough woman but it did us good… 😊

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