Weekend Coffee Share – Feb 10

Come and sit and let’s chat! I have a large cup of dark roast black coffee this morning. It is chilly this morning and I am sleepy.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I am participating in the #write28days blogging challenge. Today’s word is SUPPOSE. This word causes me to formulate a list of questions.

Suppose I start the GATHERINGs – what would happen? Would I keep them going? Would it become a business? Would I foster friendships that would last forever?

Suppose I recognize my skills and be confident and just do it?

Suppose I don’t start the group? Would I regret it?

Suppose it would be more fun to plan the gatherings than actually deploy them?

I am still pondering and planning over here.

If we were having coffee I would tell you it is back to winter temps again here – I cannot resist talking about the weather at least a little. It was around 12 degrees F the last couple of days. It was sunny yesterday with a little bit of flurries in the morning which always makes me happy.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I went to a Buddhist center yesterday which hosted my writer retreat. I sat in the library just off the meditation room all day. I learned a lot about my novel and my process. I have a plan now as to how to move forward. I made some strong connections with other writers as well. I was also reminded that I need to not make assumptions about anyone’s process. I was surprised several times yesterday.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I have a busy week at work. I am trying to positively frame it…

If we were having coffee I would tell you I enjoyed my training on Friday. You can read about the library of stories here.

Please share something wonderful with me from your week and the drink you have!

15 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share – Feb 10

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  2. It took a LOT of hot chocolate to get through this week in my house. I am in total “conquer my fears” mode, so I hope you do start that group! (says the person who doesn’t have to do the work to make it happen…) I hope I can build up a writing routine as strong as yours someday!

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    • Liked the comment. I have to say that I also need my overcoming mode as soon as possible because I am an artistic kind of person and sometimes is little bit hard to breakout of comfort zone and distribute my work.


  3. Coffee is my thing even though I try to not regularly have it. I feel like I’m an introvert so inviting just one or two friends over for cup of coffee makes me to be able to connect with them and talk about whatever I feel like I need to express.

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  4. I’m having my usual cappuccino from the only decent coffee vending machine at work now and enjoying catching up on blogs during my coffee break😊☕️
    I had a fun and hectic last week, attending a wedding at my home town. Now it’s back to checking and working on piles of emails and attending tons of meetings..

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  5. I’m drinking my usual half/caff hazelnut that my husband claims is the best coffee ever. Personally, I suspect he picked it up from the kids, saying, “But you make it better than I do!” as a way to make sure he (they) never have to do it. ~grin~ My best thing from the past week was meeting my late friend, Jane’s, brother and friends for our monthly lunch in her memory. We went to a Thai restaurant–UM, YUM!

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