#Write28Days: BEGIN

I used to read a book to my elementary students called Begin at the Beginning. I am going to use this challenge this loving month of February to explore some creative ideas I want to push forward using the prompts as inspiration.

I want to begin a purposeful gathering for adults. I have too many drawers open at one time in my brain, and too many interests so confining the gatherings to one type is not what I envision.

I envision some of the gatherings being

  • dinners
  • informational sessions
  • think tanks
  • an idea generators
  • literary societies
  • writing gatherings
  • silent book club
  • conversation club
  • short story analysis
  • book swaps

I am just at the beginning, but it is an exciting time!

What do you think of these ideas? Which ones resonate with you?

20 thoughts on “#Write28Days: BEGIN

  1. Sounds like a salon from days of old. I like the idea of rotating through your ideas. You could announce a theme in advance, open each session with a reading in that theme and proceed with the evening. Appropriate books could be exchanged, ideas generated, short stories analyzed, conversations clubbed or food eaten – whatever had been determined for that event.

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    • It does sound like a salon!!! Yes, I was thinking theme but didn’t type it. Good call….there has to be a purpose for it to be meaningful. DO you think it could work online or would have to be IRL? I am leaning toward real life but there are so many people I would want there.


  2. I’m in a kind of a book club. It started out as one of those “everybody read the same book and we’ll talk about it” clubs, but we didn’t like that. We’re all readers, and we hated being OBLIGED to read a book we didn’t choose. So now, we agree on a theme. Then, every month, one person is in charge of the program. That person chooses a book and reads it, then reports on the book, the author, and the author’s other work. We all learn something, and often find a new book or author to love.

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  4. I have always liked Think Tanks. The version I’m thinking of is where a writer presents a problem in their story that has stopped it cold. They present it to the group in hopes of crawling out of it.

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