FMF Where

It is time for Five Minute Friday! This is the writing challenge where I write for 5 minutes about the assigned topic from Kate.

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Where – the first thing that comes to my mind when I think about this word is a list of questions:

Where am I going?

Where do I belong?

Where is my coffee cup?

Where is home?

Where are my comforts?

Where is a big question that didn’t seem that big when I started writing. Most ideas I have contemplated over the years have morphed and changed with my experience. I stopped conforming and thinking about what I really thought which can be a dangerous practice.

I belong right where I am. I am here in this place and space to learn and to inspire others. Sometimes this is on purpose and sometimes this seems accidental.

Home I have found is where the people are that I love. I have moved so many times that a physical space doesn’t really quantify home for me anymore. This can be trying at times but has cured me of any materialism I had before perpetuating my life.

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