#SOL19 Simply Tuesday

Today is Tuesday. The day that The Two Writing Teachers host the weekly Slice of Life Challenge that teachers around the world participate in to write alongside their students.

Every Tuesday there is a post on the Two Writing Teachers main page where you can link your Slice of Life story post and read other people’s Slice of Life stories.  All you have to do is leave the link to your SOL story blog post as a comment inside of that Tuesday’s post.

I thought a lot about what I wanted to write this Tuesday.

Do I write about my new health routine commitment and intermittent fasting? I have more energy and have gone back to feeling how I did when I was in major training for marathons and ultras.

Do I talk about how much I loved reading Harry’s Trees by Jon Cohen and how I want everyone who believes in everyday magic to read it?

Do I talk about how I printed my manuscript for my NANOWRIMO novel and am petrified to read it so that I can move forward?

Do I talk about the podcasts that I look forward to every Tuesday morning? Do I talk about the Next Right Thing I need to do? Or the literary society I want to start now?

I think the best choice is to sit with these questions and read other people’s blogs today!

Happy #SOL19 everyone! It is the year of #CONNECT for me so comments will flow from my fingers today.

7 thoughts on “#SOL19 Simply Tuesday

  1. I’ve discovered that reading other blogs are a goldmine. They give us so many things to think about. We get to escape into people’s lives and sometimes their own ideas can become the beginning of our own.

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  2. Wow! I started intermittent fasting in the fall & love it. I keep wanting to write about it, but then I worry that it’s a little weird to blog about IF… Glad to hear that someone else is doing this and enjoying it. And I’m impressed by the word “manuscript” and want to join your Literary Society…

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    • YAY! My wellness teacher started it and we had talked about it. The more research I did, I found that I had eaten that way almost naturally when I was running large mileage. I feel so much better! I am glad to hear you are doing it too. I am glad manuscript resonated – it is a mess right now I feel! ha ha Thanks for commenting.


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