Sunlight and Flowers #SOL18

Day 3 of Jim Knight coach training was yesterday.

There was a slightly different mix of coaches at this training. I drove into the city this time which was pretty stress free and the drive was full of sunshine.

We used feedback cards after Jim established a procedure for them. Red/Yellow/Green cards can be used with students to show answers really quickly and can also build community. Jim Knight said, “There is power in a collective response.”

A lot of the conversation was around relationships.

We learned how to use several data collection measures which are awesome and actionable. I have used several over the years but these were deep and focused.

One of the specific strategies we talked about was creating a learner-friendly culture. Bill Stickland opened a school that has beautiful things everywhere you look, a building that is full of sunshine and fresh real flowers.

Image result for bill strickland make the impossible possible

He believes that change can only happen if you see change, including your surroundings. I have the book on hold at the library and am looking forward to it coming in.

Many of the conversations throughout the day continually reminded me that little things matter to ALL people. The thoughtful note, the smile, the nod, the acknowledgement of you being in front of someone…and the sunlight and the flowers.

How do you make your learner space inviting? This could be a writer space or a teaching space. What are your sunlight and flowers? Enjoy them today and share with someone else.

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5 thoughts on “Sunlight and Flowers #SOL18

  1. It is so true that something little as a smile can mean so much to someone else. Sometimes this little encouragement is all a person needs to keep them going. Love the idea of sunlight and flowers.

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  2. This is an important post! Thank you for sharing the book titles as well. We (as educators) hold so much influence over our students and their drive to learn. First and foremost, I feel, is developing that relationship you speak of – investing in your students and making your classroom a place they can be comfortable – free of sarcasm and other things that impinge on their ability to learn. I’ve written a lot about this in the last couple of years. We all need more sunshine and flowers.

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      • Tammy, Thank You! Let me know if you cannot find my other posts. One is related to never humiliating students so if you search for that, you’ll find it. I really was referring to some of the papers I had recently written for grad school. It is definitely a topic of interest for me!


  3. I love the concept of sunshine and flowers and always amazed at how much a simple smile and a happy “good morning” can make someone light up. I also love the idea that learning can’t occur without a relationship, I definitely experienced that in my student years, the more meaningful work always happened with teachers that inspired communicated and cared/

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