FMF: Still

In the past I was hardly ever still. This has become a newly acquired skill. I used to drag myself out of bed no matter what to run. No matter what else was going on, no matter how tired I was. That is not the case now.

I like being still now. I feel I need to commit to meditation but haven’t yet. Writing ideas usually come then so it is beneficial. I try moving meditation which is calming.  

I am still here.

I am still learning.

I am still loving.

I am still writing.

I am still reading…BUT…have been in a slump. I listened to the Secret Library Podcast and heard the author Mary Laura Philpott talked about being in a reading slump herself and some of the books that helped her out of it. 

When are you still?

8 thoughts on “FMF: Still

  1. Tammy, I enjoy being still too although it can be hard for me. My tendency is to always be on the go. I tend to focus on what I accomplish rather than my state of being. It is so important for me to have times of physical stillness and I have to hold myself accountable to them. But what is even more important is the posture of my heart, still before God no matter what I’m doing.

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      • I like that, too many tabs open. I totally relate! Something that I have committed to this school year that has been amazing for me is taking a rest/nap for an hour before my kids get home from school. It has made such a big difference in my overall health and mood. My afternoons and evenings are so much more enjoyable and peaceful.

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    • Isn’t it funny that in the moments we need to be still we feel even more pressure to move! Being still should not be something that we have to try at – at least I think in my mind but reality is much different.

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