FMF: Balance

Personally, I do not believe in life balance. It is a myth like writers block. It is a personal pursuit to make time in your life for the people and the activities which are deemed important to you.

You can balance a checkbook.

You can have a balanced diet.

You cannot balance a life. It is designed that way.

There is no balance and I don’t believe there is supposed to be. There are seasons in life. 

Seasons of work.

Seasons of rest.

Seasons of study.

Nothing is equal. Not really. Everyone’s needs are different. Finding the distribution of importance is part of the personal pursuit of happiness and purpose.

What do you think about balance?

I would love to hear in the comments.

9 thoughts on “FMF: Balance

  1. Technically one can’t balance a checkbook either because at some point we are always off and a balanced diet doesn’t exist, one must be happy with where they are. Balance is all mental unless you’re dealing with scales and weights.

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  2. Your post reminds me of what I told my daughter not long ago: you can have it all, just not at the same time. We put far too much pressure on ourselves believing the lie that we can have it “all”, whatever all means for us. I like your way of saying that we have different seasons.

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