Snowy Morning #SOL18


The first snow descended yesterday as I drove home from work. The tiny flakes sprinkled my windshield and melted from the warmth of the car. It continued to happily come down throughout the evening. Dinner was pot roast and homemade bread which made for a perfect evening.

This morning the roads are shiny reflecting the lights of the cars as they plug along. The blue sky was light just before the sun came all the way up. The grass looks like it has powdered sugar sprinkled on it.

Snow makes me happy

Winter makes me happy and the coziness it brings.

As I pulled into the parking lot it rained leaves to remind me that we are still in fall, not yet winter.

#happy moment


8 thoughts on “Snowy Morning #SOL18

  1. I like the snow globe !
    We had snow here (UK) earlier this year……and my young kids absolutely loved it. We did the sledge experience as well……….really fun indeed. The school shut, we all stayed at home – it was magical. And we had loads of food, milk, bread… we were all ok for the duration.

    I wonder what winter 2018 will bring…..???

    You wrote very evocative words…lovely.


  2. Your description makes me want to be there; although, I am not a fan of the cold. Even here in the deep south, we are having an early winter.

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  3. Sweet invitation to be thankful for the warmth-seeking of winter. I’ll be honest—love snow in the abstract, not so fond of it for real. Glad you find joy in those flakes. I’m sure more are coming your way!

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  4. Bless you for your positivity with the snow and cold. We also had our first snow here in Missouri. I do not welcome it. Summer is my time of year. Oh well! The cold will make me more thankful for the warm of spring and summer. In the meantime, I’ll read your beautiful description and send you thoughts of warm fires and big pots of soup!

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