FMF: Help



Help can be expensive – or so it can appear to be.

I was listening to the Pivot Podcast yesterday during my run and Jenny Blake and her guest were talking about how we outsource all types of services in our lives and have no conscious thoughts about it. They help us and we pay for them and that is seen as normal. What does not seem to be normal is for people to pay for services when they need time to pursue a passion. Or that the expectations are that if you can do it yourself you should.

Services we outsource:

We don’t churn our own butter.

We don’t sew our own clothes.

We don’t deliver our own mail.

No one can be an expert in everything. Sometimes we need time to focus on what we are good at. That might look like hiring an accountant so we don’t have to take 5 hours to do something an expert can do in 30 minutes. That might look like child care so you can write for 2 hours straight.

Sometimes we might barter for time.

We need to remember that it is not weak to ask for help. This is as much a reminder to myself as to you dear reader!

Happy Monday!

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