FMF: Audience

target audience

Who is my audience? I guess it depends on what I am writing. I write for myself, fellow writers, teachers, and students. Professional work in education is mostly for educators but some pieces can do double duty. I do enjoy writing with students and for students as well. I hope that my personal work will be likable for others. I have beta readers that I write for or least have in mind when I write certain stories.

I am not sure I am always worried about audience to be honest. I know I have a certain style for writing and know that it won’t be to everyone’s liking. I am ok with that. I hope that people like it.

In my job, I feel like I perform a lot. Teaching isn’t just about content knowledge it is about presentation. “You aren’t selling the steak – you are selling the sizzle,” my husband always says.

This type of performance can sometimes take its toll on me though. It exhausts me. If I have too much peopleing then it can take me days to recover. Writing helps for sure. It is my therapy in a way.

I am quite breakable so I am careful with audience. I feel like I am on an emotional edge most of the time. I am always waiting for the other shoes to metaphorically drop.

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9 thoughts on “FMF: Audience

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  2. I do like these casual writes of yours, I suppose they’re similar to my little stories about my trip to China, quite a break-away from my sometimes very emotional and draining poetry writing, at which I thoroughly pour my heart out into my words… xx

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  3. You have a fun way with words but most of all I feel you are just being yourself. There is an honest vibe to it.

    Don’t worry about anything. That darn emotion robs us of so many fun things. It’s nothing more than an ugly roadblock on a beautiful highway.

    Be Happy!!!.

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