FMF: Five Minute Friday Landing Page

writing prompts

I have been writing with the prompts every day but do not always post to the blog. If you click on the highlighted day and word you can read the post related to that freewrite.

Day 1: Story

Day 2: Afraid

Day 3: Believe

Day 4: Why

Day 5: Share

Day 6: Belong

Day 7: Hope

Day 8: Comfort

Day 9: Inspire

Day 10: How

Day 11: Door

Day 12: Praise

Day 13: Talk

Day 14: Ask

Day 15: When

Day 16: Pray

Day 17: Pause

Day 18: Search

Day 19: Who

Day 20: Audience

Day 21: Start

Day 22: Help

Day 23: Common

Day 24: Brief

Day 25: Capture

Day 26: Moment

Day 27: Whole

Day 28: Song

Day 29: Together

Day 30: Voice

Day 31: Close




11 thoughts on “FMF: Five Minute Friday Landing Page

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