2 Strategies to Increase Happiness!

Permission and Gratitude


Kim Strobel is a Happiness Consultant that I was excited to hear speak on Sept 15. Her company is called Strobel Education and she talks about a variety of topics.

There were two big takeaways from this session which is relevant to today because there are things that are already starting to unravel! It is too early in the school year for that jazz!!!


Increase Your Happiness – Strategy 1: Permission Slips

This one actually comes from Brene Brown – to write your self a permission slip like when you were in elementary school and going on a field trip.

So right now…on a post-it note write:

I give myself permission…



Increase Your Happiness – Strategy 2: Gratitude

On a different post-it note write 3 things you are grateful for – right now! The research shows 3 is the magic number – just like in writing.


What are your permissions to yourself and your gratitude list?





13 thoughts on “2 Strategies to Increase Happiness!

  1. I permit myself not to be social some evenings and just sit at home watching Netflix. I’m grateful for having Netflix and wifi (living far from home, this is giving me a bit of a relief from homesickness), for generous and kind colleagues, and for readily available food. And I’m grateful that you prompted me to make this list today!

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    • Sweet, simple, and enlightening—thanks for that! I participated with Angela Stockman and Ellen Feig Gray in their online “Compassionate Classroom…” book discussion this summer. They introduced me to Brene Brown. So glad you mention her. I echo “beetsyg” above: Netflix has made me happy, particularly recent Midwives episodes!

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  2. I am not familiar with the names you mentioned (Brene Brown, etc.) and would like to know more about them. I love the permission slip idea. Last night I gave my daughter permission to not have to kill herself on a graduate school assignment she is working on. Now I think I”ll write it for her as well so she can put it on her wall or wherever. I am definitely grateful for having become a member of this writing community, and I have Kathleen Sokolowski for that. I am grateful for the Great Books discussion group that I attend at our local library once a month. They are such a smart and interesting group to spend two hours with. I am grateful that I can still interact with so many groups and people so that I don’t feel cut off from the world and the inspiring people I meet. I gave myself permission today to sit here and write responses to as many posts as I could. You are my last one for the day. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

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  3. I recently read the Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. It was a great read, for the most part. She also offered simple strategies to increase happiness in one’s life. I started searching for joy in my life back in June. I am in a happier place having recognized and been grateful for the things that I recognize give me joy. I am grateful for being a non-formal educator, having my health, and having loving, supportive husband, sons, and friends. I like your permission slip to yourself not to be 100% all the time. That is a tough one! I gave myself permission to in late summer to not “jump up” and answer another person’s desire/want/whim the minute they ask (unless it is a true emergency like the house is on fire or such). I noticed after a few days of being away that when I am home, I attend to everyone else’s needs before my own, even if I am involved in something important to me (like graduate course work). It has worked. I calmly now ask for a few minutes to finish what I am doing before I get “pulled away”. I’ve given myself permission to do that and it’s been great!

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  4. What a great slice – practical & with a good question. I give myself permission to put myself first on occasion. And gratitudes? This week I am *very* grateful that my house is solidly constructed, that we have good friends who will take us in if the power goes out and that we are generally resilient!

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  5. Thank you for this simple, yet thoughtful post. I give myself permission to not multitask all day tomorrow.it is okay if I just do one thing at a time. Three things I am grateful for: the coming change of seasons, students to teach, and still having kids in our house!!

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