Snow Cones, Swimming, and Turtles

green grass on sand overlooking body of water
Photo by Nathan Cowley on

Labor Day Weekend

During the #Teachwrite twitter chat last evening I was reminded that it was really Monday and that Tuesday’s slice post would be needed today. The holiday weekends often throw my clock off as I know it does for many people. Coming to the page today I was really unsure what to write.

In addition to the #Teachwrite “meeting” with teachers,  I  also had my first Zoom meeting with the Superstars writers from Storyaday which is always enjoyable. The conversation is free form about writing and the September challenge. There is a specialness to talking with other crazy writers drafting short stories for the whole month. Short story writing is different than writing longer pieces and I don’t often get to converse about it.

The holiday weekend was good and full of loads of activities, especially outdoors. Luckily, there was less driving because there were no soccer games or practices to be shuttled to!

-The boys found a turtle in the backyard just before they got the golf cart stuck in mud on the hill.

-There was a lot of swimming. Friday night we went to a beach to celebrate my husband’s birthday. We buried our youngest in the sand and gathered rocks and small shells to make an art project. Sunday and Monday time was spent at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.  We ran up and down the sand dunes, skipped rocks, enjoyed snow cones,  and swam in the water. Then there was more swimming in the backyard pool.

-Homemade fluffy buttermilk biscuits were made at 4 am Labor Day morning to accompany the gravy for breakfast.

-Lots of laughing and silliness as always when we are with the kids.

-There was time for naps – for everyone!

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write today but glad I showed up. This week is already busy and it is only Tuesday!

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