6 Things You Should Know About…

This exercise can be used for

  • generating ideas for writing
  • an exit ticket about a topic and you want to see how much the students have retained
  • a braindrainer
  • a get to know you activity for the beginning of a meeting or a classroom


6 things you should know about


  1. I am a reader and I love books.
  2. I am a runner – I have raced distances between 5K to 50 miles.
  3. I am an introvert with learned extrovert tendencies professionally.
  4. I am always learning – if you mention something I have never heard of I will look it up…right there.
  5. I love my family and put them first…now.
  6. I will trust you – until I don’t. And then we are done. When I mean done I mean it.


  1. I love to own books – I find them comforting and always have at least one with me.
  2. I would go on vacation just to visit bookstores – Seattle and Portland were visited for just that reason!
  3. I believe that reading is that gateway to all learning.
  4. I love to find books for people that they will love.
  5. I give away books so people will be encouraged to read.
  6. I take notes, write quotes and write reading responses. I find it fun.


  1. I started running when I was 35 because of the Biggest Loser.
  2. I decided I would try it and if I hated it I would stop – I gave myself a month trial period.
  3. I started racing and realized I was fast.
  4. I am part of several running teams.
  5. Some of the best times running has been with Girls On The Run with my running buddies.
  6. I run mostly in the early morning before work and also have mentored a group of marathon runners – I am usually mentoring someone running in an informal capacity anyway.


  1. I am a lego freak and builder
  2. I am 13 and have been offered 2 jobs. Bw3 and through a random letter in the mail.
  3. I like to hang out with friends and family.
  4. I went to Hawaii and stayed at a hotel with a skylight.
  5. My favorite subject is math and I feel smart doing it.
  6. I am a music nerd because I sing all the time.

9 thoughts on “6 Things You Should Know About…

      • I would like to see more people get interested in residual income so they don’t have to work their whole life way.
        We have way to many Americans living paycheck to paycheck with no savings and I believe some education about residual income could help solve this problem.

        Getting people to read these days is pretty hard because they spend so much time working.

        I’m referring to the working class people of course, factory workers and people who work in retail.

        I want to help the low income workers who don’t have higher levels of education.

        I just hate seeing people struggle to make ends meet when they don’t have too.

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