It’s Your Story #SOL18



“It’s Your Story”

This was the statement repeated over and over at my writer’s group last Thursday. It reminded me writers are writers whether they are 5 or 50 and some of the rules apply no matter the age.

I tell students all the time the writing is theirs and they can listen to the advice in the form of GLOWS and GROWS from their peers and teachers or they can choose not to. They are the author and have the choice whether they want to change the story.

Connecting with other writers is the most important factor of this group for me. The connections are part of the story and the critique is secondary. These fellow adult writers have become part of my life story now.

As I start to think about the new school year and my coaching I am keenly aware of the connection piece. I think that we can foster a much stronger community if we focus on the connectors that are not obvious. We are all part of each other’s School Story at least but the personal factors we find most important are the way we can become a tighter knit community. This is the theory I am working with right now anyway.

In order to gather some data I sent out a goal sheet for my teachers last week. Some of my people have longer processing times and I wanted to give them the opportunity to marinate on their answers if they so wished. (We don’t officially start til the 13th). Instead of just the academic goals and conversation about how we can work together to strengthen their teaching I also included a self care question. I want to be able to facilitate some nourishment so my fellow teachers do not burn out. The profession is hard and I want to nurture the teachers in the way they feel renewed. This document is also only between the teacher and I – no one else.

So my question to you is: What is the biggest influencer of your story right now?






5 thoughts on “It’s Your Story #SOL18

  1. In times when we feel like we have little choice in our lives it is nice to know that with our writing the choice is all ours. So many people and events influence us and become part of our story. The list is ongoing and changes from day to day. I guess one of the biggest influences to my story was the open heart surgery I had a couple of years ago.

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  2. My biggest influencers are usually other authors. Not that I copy their work but I love reading how they plan and set about to work on plot and characterisation. Half of the problem I have is that the story is there I just haven’t researched my own characters enough!

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  3. I’m a teacher too. I could use some more nourishment in the teaching area of my life, but that’s hard to come by. As for your question…the biggest influencer…my husband and son on my life in general. On my writing, the writing community I’ve cobbled together online. A negative influencer is the steady stream of terrible news. That I need to get under control. It sucks the energy out of me.

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