My Relationship With Boredom

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Do you let yourself get bored?

This is a touchy subject for me.

I love input. Any spare moment I want to be learning something or reading something.

The closest I think I get is ISTEP+ time when I am forced into a tech drought. Then I just write,read, reflect, and enjoy that time.

I am not sure boredom is a thing for me…like writers’ block. I just am not sure it exists.



19 thoughts on “My Relationship With Boredom

  1. I rarely get bored. I wish I had time for boredom, because I could fill it with doing more things that I enjoy. Right now I’m either busy, caring for people, too tired to be bored or thoroughly entertained with reading or all things bookish. May I ask, why is boredom a touchy subject for you?

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  2. I sometimes get bored.. but I generally think that, if you feel bored, you don’t participate in activities that you genuinely enjoy, or you are not putting enough effort to develop as a person. It is also related to laziness, which unfortunately is part of life.

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  3. I do get bored. Babies are fun but being SAHM gets a little dull, especially when you don’t have mom friends. So now that I want to go back out into the workforce, I crave adult interaction (only time I have that is when hubby comes home from work) for at least 8 hrs. What I’ve been doing to keep busy is work on my serial/short story and I blog occasionally.

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  5. I’ve never been bored, and I am 76. But I have a desire to create – writing, art, sewing, gardening, pets, significant other time, etc. It’s funny because we don’t have much money, but I still stay busier than most folks I know. But perhaps boredom, or something approaching it, would be good to have for a bit in our lives.

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