Do You Reread?

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There are few books I reread. The book Essentialism by Greg McKeown comes back onto my radar usually after I have listened to Tsh Oxenreider from THE ART OF SIMPLE talk about it.

This book requires me to think about my actions and why I make the decisions I do especially when it comes to how I spend my time. There is often a gap between what my responsibilities are and what I want to do. There is also a category of the things I should do because someone expects me to. This is the area I am really looking at for the upcoming school year. I have made a big decision about doing what I deem essential and also managing my schedule and time differently.

I have a choice about how I spend my time. At school, I want to spend my time on the actions that I can get the most bang for my buck and make the most impact with my teachers. I cannot do everything even though my TYPE A personality whispers to me in quiet moments that I can.

I stopped celebrating just being busy for busy sake and my stress levels went down.

Over the next couple of days these questions from the book will be on my mind:

  1. What do I feel deeply inspired by?
  2. What am I particularly talented at?
  3. What meets a significant need in the world?

The next right thing for me and my time is on my mind. What are you thinking about for the fall?


11 thoughts on “Do You Reread?

  1. I love that book! And I love thinking about how it connects to teaching. I often feel overwhelmed by the number of things that I could be doing better, but I know it’s in my best interest to focus on a few things and spend a year targeting those.

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  2. That sounds like a good book.
    I reread a lot of books, in fact I don’t just read books, I study the content, messages and lessons taught in books.
    I see a lot of problems in the world that I believe could be solved have the right knowledge applied in the right way.
    I read books that I believe can help me see the solution to the problems I see in the world around me.
    Of course I am also looking for the solutions to solve the problems I have in my own life and I believe other people are also struggling with the same problems.
    So rereading books is normal for me, I now get most books on audio so I can also listen to the books over and over again to try and make the knowledge in the books a permanent part of my creative thinking.

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  3. You mentioned fall, it’s my birthday (in September) and it’s my favorite season. The season that shows us just how beautiful change can really be.

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